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1. HIV/AIDS Prevention Services for the Sex workers funded by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, World Bank, UNICEF, National AIDS STD Program, BRAC, DORP, PIACT, YPSAHASAB, UNOPS, UNDP, UNFPA. Main achievement: Access to health care free condom, awareness, referral for VCT and HIV treatment for 9,500 female sex workers and 121,000 clients of sex workers.

2. Mainstreaming Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRH) and HIV program among NUS staff and adolescents funded by Family Planning Association of Bangladesh (FPAB), DAWN Forum. Main achievement: Total 33 staff have been skilled on SRH and HIV issues, Total 1,225 adolescent girls are empowered through orientation on SRH and HIV issues in the region of Chittagong district, around 15 media people and local level stakeholders have been oriented on SRH and HIV issues in Chittagong district.

3. Reduction of Stigma and Discrimination on HIV/AIDS through Media Sensitization and Reporting in Bangladesh funded by World Bank. Main achievement: 120 journalists were skilled on article writing based on stigma reduction. Published 101 articles in 101 national and local journalists and reached to around 1 million readers. 

4. Nutrition, Breast Feeding and Child Care Training for the Lactating Mothers in Dhaka city funded by the Department of Women Affairs under the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs. Main achievement: Opened Bank Accounts for 3,700 rural & slum women make linkage with government maternity & pregnancy allowance and provided them training on Nutrition, Breast feeding and child care in Dhaka North City Corporation Area.

5. Maternity Allowance for Poor Pregnant Mothers funded by the Department of Women Affairs under the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs. Main achievement: 2,912 pregnant women received training on child care, health, nutrition and breast feeding in Dohar upazila, Dhaka and Gozaria upazila, Monshigonj.


1. Engaging Informal Education Institutions to promote inclusive society with the support of Management Systems International (MSI)/USAID. Main achievement: Provided 8 half-day long trainings to promote peace, tolerance, diversity, conflict resolution and preventing violence extremism through 2,244 adult students of Informal Educational Institutions (religious education institutions- madrashas).

2. Safe Migration for Bangladeshi Workerssupported by Ministry of Public Administration and BRAC. Main achievement: Raising awareness for safe migration among 21,450 people through courtyard meeting, Public dramas, community meetings, Video shows, Pre-decision orientation,  Pre-departure orientation.

3. Empowering the victims of child sexual abuse and domestic violence and their prosecutors for quality and prompt legal assistance funded by SARIQ/AED/USAID. Main achievement: Trained 383 Police officials, 149 Prosecutors, 195 Journalists, 350 community elites on mock trial process and empowered 42 victims of sexual abuse.

4. Development of Right based community network for reducing gender based violence among the slum adolescents and children funded by UNICEF. Main achievementVictim supported through 20 Stop Violence Community Team (SVCT) in Khilgaon, Dhaka since September 2006 to August 2007. Activities done under this project are- Non-Formal Education, Health care service, Formation of Stop Violence Community Team (SVCT), Psychosocial counselling, Recreational facilities.

5. Sustainable rehabilitation and reintegration of the child victims of trafficking for labour and sexual exploitation funded by ILO. Main achievement: Rescued 48 trafficked children provided them with residential education, vocational training, counselling and reintegrated in their families.

6. Capacity Building of the NGOs on Introduction of Mock Trial Process of the Survivors, supported by Action Aid Bangladesh. Main achievement: 40 NGO staff received two day long training on Mock Trial Process of the Survivors.

7. Slum based multipurpose service centre supported by CIDA/DFID. Main achievement: Around 20,000 slum based women and children have received access to health care, recreation, non formal education, legal aid and life skill awareness. 

8. Relief work, supported by DANIDA/Bangladesh Shishu Adikhar Forum (BSAF). Main achievement: Total 1,012 families have received food, treatment, cloth and safe water for three months flood period.  

9. Assessment of psychological status of the brothel children supported by Save the children-UK. Main achievement: Research report with the information on psychological of brothel children.

10. Anti-trafficking writing skill development for the journalists supported by Daywalka Foundation and ATSEC Bangladesh. Main achievement: Total 60 journalists know how to make report on human trafficking issues.


1. Capacity Building, Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Livelihood of the Socially Disadvantaged Women (Sex Workers) and their Children funded by UNDP and the Ministry of Social Welfare. Main achievementTotal 2,126 female sex workers have received non formal education, vocational training and re-settlement Investment Fund (RIF). Total 220 Adolescent Girls and 175 Children of commercial sex workers have received residential facilities, education and vocational skills. Provided advocacy service for human rights of commercial sex workers.

2. Post Literacy and Continuing Education for Human Development (PLCEHD) funded by the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education. Main achievementSince 1998 to 2007 NUS has provided livelihood support, Non Formal Education (NFE) School, library, vocational training, job linkage and recreation facilities to-Women-Men-Children in Atgharia, Sujanagar, Bhangura under Pabna district, in Damudda under Shariatpur district and in Dewanganj under Jamalpur district for the rural young people. Under this project total 5,400 young people have received the services mentioned above.  

3. Eradication of Hazardous Child Labour in Bangladesh funded by Ministry of Labour and Employment. Main achievement: Provided 2 years of non-formal education & 6 months of vocational training, job & loan linkage for 1,200 child labors.4. Savings and Credit Program, BRAC, Own Fund. Main achievement: Group formation, savings collection, loan disbursement and realization, provided training on small Entrepreneurship, awareness raising on health, nutrition & water sanitation etc. among 1,050 slum women.