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Income Generation

Under the project titled “Eradication of Hazardous Child Labour in Bangladesh (EHCLB)” since 2002 to till to date. NUS has provided Skill Development Training, livelihood support, job placement, loan linkage to Karmashangsthan Bank for parents of children and scholarship to 1200 children involve in hazardous work.

Under the project titled “Capacity Building, Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Livelihood of the Socially Disadvantaged Women & their Children” NUS has provided livelihood support for 2100 Street Based Commercial Sex Workers and 274 children Crèche and Basic Education, Boarding Facilities for Children, Boarding Facilities for Adolescent, Pre–formal Education, Non- formal Education, Formal Schooling, Vocational Training, Job placement, Self employment, Health Care Services Fooding & Lodging, Counseling and Re-settlement Investment Fund (RIF) support to 2100 Commercial Sex Workers – Adolescent and 59 Children of Sex Workers and 215 of their children in 2000 to 2008. The Project was funded by UNDP/DSS/Ministry of Social Welfare.

Under the project titled “Post Literacy and Continuing Education for Human Development (PLCEHD) since 1998 to 2007. NUS has provided livelihood support Non- Formal Education (NFE) Vocational training, job linkage and recreation facilities to – Women –Men –Children in Atgharia, Sujanagar, Bhangura at Pabna district and Damudda in Shariatpur and Dewanganj of Jamalpur district for rural poor people. Under these projects total 5400 people received Non-Formal Education.