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Anti Trafficking

NUS has implementing the project titled “Rights based network for reducing domestic, sexual violence and trafficking” funded by Bangladesh NGO Foundation (BNF) in Khilgaon, Rampura, Dhaka since December 2007 to ongoing through extension

Activities under the project are –

Awareness raining on human trafficking issue among 6000 slams people in Khilgaon and Rampura Thana. Formation of Stop Violence Community Team (SVCT) in 28 Slum aiming to combat women and child oppression, Folk song and street drama, Community elite meeting, Emergency case management, Meeting with prosecutors/ advocate, Stop Violence Community Team (SVCT) Meeting, Local Arbitration ,Orient on family laws for the women and the adolescent girls, legal aid.

NUS has Implement the project titled “Sustainable rehabilitation and reintegration of the child victims of trafficking for labour and sexual exploitation” funded by International Labor Organization (ILO) in Six divisions of Bangladesh since February 2005 to February 2006. NUS has rescued 48 trafficked victims under this project.

Activities under the project are –

Rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration, Victim Management and legal aid, fooding lodging, livelihood support, Advocacy meeting, Psychosocial counseling, Health care service, Non-Formal Education, Vocational training, legal aid and recreational facilities.

Capacity building training to mainstream anti trafficking issue in the organization. The project funded by The ATSEC Bangladesh in 2011. Under this project NUS has built capacity 30 NGO staffs against trafficking issue.

Media meeting to prevent human trafficking issue funded by The Daywalka Foundation in 2007

Capacity building training to prevent trafficking issue project funded by The ATSEC Bangladesh in 2008