• NUS has ensured access to treatment of Malaria among around 12, 77,500 people of Patia, Hathazari and Fatikchhari Upazilas in Chittagong district. Since 2007 under the services of Malaria Control and Prevention Program NUS has distributed 9, 29,500 Long Lasting Insecticides Nets (LLIN) for free. NUS also dipped 10,41,500 nets in malaria preventive medicine for Insecticides Treated Nets (ITN) and ensured treatment of 12,914 patients through Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) using 69,515 blood slides. The program is supported by BRAC and Global Funds to fight for AIDS, TB and Malaria (GFATM). Minister for Water Resource Barrister Anisul Islam Mahmud seen at distribution of Long Lasting Insecticides Nets (LLIN) in his constituency at Hathazari, Chittagong. 
  • Under HIV and AIDS prevention program 1,48,000 internal migrants and clients of the sex workers, garments workers, young people and 6,000 sex workers have received prevention and care services through condom promotion, demonstration and distribution, Voluntary Counselling for Testing (VCT), treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) and Referral Services for critical STI and HIV Positives. Since 1993, NUS has been running this program and providing services through Drop in Centre facilities, campaign and training program supported by National AIDS and STD Program (NASP), World Bank, UNICEF, BRAC, PIACT, DORP and HASAB.
  • NUS has provided training to 138 Journalists on writing articles and publish in newspapers for reducing stigma of HIV and AIDS. Participants wrote 100 articles and published them in the newspapers. There was an article writing competition and 20 best articles were awarded funded by World Bank Market Place Project.
  • NUS organized Asia Regional Conference for Reducing Stigma of HIV and AIDS with the support of Commonwealth, where representatives from Malaysia, India, Maldives, Bhutan including Ms. Raka Rashid, Asian Region Director of Commonwealth has participated the conference. Ms. Raka Rashid, Asia Regional Director of Commonwealth and Mr. Kamal Uddin Ahmed,   Director General, Department of Narcotics Control seen with ED, NUS at Asia Regional Conference.
  • Total 170,400 women, men and children received primary health care service through NUS health care centre supported by CIDA, UNICEF, NASP, DFID (AMOD). 
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Education for around 148,000 young people and Adolescents supported by FPAB and FCHD.     
  • Personal and Menstrual Hygiene Management Family Life Education and Leadership development trainings have been provided to 3,650 adolescent boys and girls supported by FKF. 
  • NUS has conducted awareness program among 2,050 young women and men for prevention of Drug abuse by technical support of Department of Narcotics Control.
  • On the issue of Breast Cancer prevention NUS organized 12 workshops and published 12 News in the national dailies for increasing public awareness Cherry Blossoms International School.
  • On the issue of Schizophrenia NUS has campaigned for awareness raising program through organizing 11 workshops and published news in 13 newspapers funded by Abedin Garments.
  • Health and nutrition education provided among 4300 mothers and children and motivated the lactating mothers for breastfeeding their child at Dohar upazila and Gojaria in Munshiganj district including all the areas of Dhaka city under Pregnant and lactating mother’s welfare fund supported by the Directorate of Women Affairs under the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs. NUS has provided TOT for EDUCO Staffs on Nutrition.
  • 09 months vocational trainings provided to 2126 sex workers including formal education, health, education and service, counseling, employment and loan linkage facility through Drop in Center (DIC) under social rehabilitation program for the sex workers. Total 7650 local level policy makers are aware through 255 advocacy meetings to prevent oppression against sex workers. The program was supported by Department of Social Services, NASP and UNICEF.   
  • Information Secretary Dr. Mahbubur Rahman in a workshop of preventing sexual harassment against women & children 
  • 08 years long services on education, medical treatment, home, food, clothing, recreation facilities provided to 274 children of street based sex workers.
  • Stop Violence Community Team (SVCT) are formed consisting of 07 members with the participation of women and adolescent girls. Total 140 committees are formed and empowered through leadership training program in 70 slums of Dhaka city under 21 police stations the committees are formed aiming to reduce sexual and domestic violence under sexual and domestic violence prevention project. Under violence prevention program, activities are Capacity has been Built among 383 police, 149 prosecutors, 195 journalists and 30 community elites on mock trial session and victim management through training, orientation and attending mock trial sessions. Group meetings and 1002 cultural programs had been organized for creating awareness against dowry, early marriage, sexual violence and prevention of human trafficking among 80,000 people. Arbitrations are organized in presence of advocates for reducing sexual and domestic violence and peace building at community level. Victims are prepared to face the cross-examination and court proceedings through mock trial arrangement. The program was supported by SARIQ/AED/USAID, BNF, AMOD/DFID
  • 25 raped and 48 victims of trafficking are rescued and shelter home service provided including free legal aid and social rehabilitation. Training of Trainers are organized for ensuring safe migration for the potential women and men migrants at community level. 
  • Group meetings are organized for ensuring 1200 hazardous child labors rights, combating child trafficking and sexual abuse prevention.
  • Around 5700 people are aware about their citizen and voting rights.
  • Total 9022 adults’ women and men are provided 9 months long education, library and recreation facilities for their literacy.
  • Total 9639 women and men are trained through following trades those which of them are 3 months, 6 months and different terms of duration i.e. 2160 cattle rearing, 2097 vegetable farming, 810 goat rearing, 700 fish farming, 300 apiculture, 350 mushroom cultivation, 960 sewing training, 75 electric works, 50 mobile servicing, 350 computer training, 146 block-batik, leather batik and 19 beauty parlor training. Readymade garments are sold by the trainees who get sewing machines in Chittagong through NUS Fashion.
  • Non-formal education for 1200 children of hazardous child labor, monthly co-stipend including vocational education, linkages for employment and getting loan, training materials for poor trainers i.e. sewing machine, beautician tool box etc. have given free of cost.  
  • NUS has been provided micro credit support ranging from Tk.4000 up to 20,000 among 14,050 slum poor women to improve their socio-economic position through income generating activity. 2126 sex workers get livelihood development training, education and one time grant through involving them into income generating activities.
  • 2468 youth women and men received training for project proposal writing, communication and fund raising purpose through leadership development program.
  • 4800 women have got opportunity to live safely in NUS women hostel.                               
  • 4282 uprooted people have got loan linkage and employment opportunity due to comeback in Dhaka city for river dissolution.
  • 4551 families have got disaster management training and relief materials in Dhaka and Meherpur district.